Alma Lasers with Tiarnna Smith

Have you heard about the wide range of medical & aesthetic treatments from Alma Lasers?
You’re listening to the Transforming Bodies Podcast and in this episode I’m joined by Tiarnna from Alma Lasers. Will be talking about how she runs things as a Clinical Application Specialist and what Alma Lasers medical & aesthetic treatment and technologies have to offer in the Aesthetic Industry Market.
Trianna provides ongoing support for clients when they purchase the device- like training all the staff and answering clinical aspects to their inquiries about the device so they will become confident and competent when they start using the device.
For more info contact them IG: @almalasersau
Transcription- Alma Lasers with Tiarnna Smith

Trish Hammond : Hello, listeners. It’s Trish Hammond here from the transforming bodies podcast, about to be aesthetics uncensored. And today I come to you solo. I normally do this with Nicole but today, I’m coming to you solo. And I’m actually speaking with Tiana. Now Tiana, Dr. Smith actually now Tiana is the clinical application specialist at Alma lasers, Australia. And we’re gonna have a bit of an intro about Alma custom, am I’ve actually been around for ages. But um, we’re kind of seeing them really make a big bang in the industry at the moment. So welcome, Tiana.

Tiarnna:  Thank you, Trish. Thank you for having me. I’m excited to be here. 

Trish Hammond : Thanks so much for being here at this early hour of the morning.  So tell me, first of all, Tiarnna. So what do you do there as a clinical application specialist?

Tiarnna: So my role as clinical application specialist for Alma Lasers, Australia, is to provide the initial support for our clients. So when they purchase devices with us, you don’t just get left on your own, you really get the team behind you to support your business. So I go in, I train all of your staff. And I make sure by the time I leave that you are feeling confident and competent in how to use the devices in your practice, but then it doesn’t just stop there. I also provide ongoing support throughout your, I guess your lifetime with Alma. So I have clients that messaged me all the time with photos of their patients saying what do I do here? What’s a good protocol, and we/I help [with] clinical aspects of that.

Trish Hammond: Some, you know, like, like, I have heard it happen a lot with, when someone gets, you know, with a brand new  device in the clinic, and then it’s just sitting there not being used, because, you know, the people working there are too scared or don’t actually know the capabilities of what the device can do. So I guess this kind of makes sure that you’re always learning all the latest stuff? Is that kind of right?

Tiarnna:  Absolutely. We do not want any of our devices sitting in the corner because the staff are too afraid to use it or don’t know how to use it. So we believe in continuing education. So not just a once off, but continuing support. And we do that by me going into the clinic, by multiple different I guess platforms, text, wechat, emails, phone calls, but we also like to have regular I guess, product meetings where we host them across the country, we’ve just finished round in Sydney as on Monday night, we get all of our users in, plus some people who don’t currently have the device. And it’s a nice night with cheese, wine and a big conversation about protocols, best practice, and how they can get more from their device.

Trish Hammond: Is that something that happens every week?  

Tiarnna: Not every week, it would be nice. 

Trish Hammond : How often does that happen?

Tiarnna:  Oh, we like to be able to run them every quarter, at least, it just, you know, it really depends on the demand. So we like to fall in line with client demand. But we’re trying to run them every quarter.

Trish Hammond: Yeah, I love that. Because that way people are gonna, Well, number one meet each other as well. You know, it’s like, sometimes you’ll learn how to understand this all the time people learn how to use the device, just by talking to other people that might be using a slightly different setting to get a different result or something. I mean, I’m not a device person at all. So this is purely from a very unprofessional point of view. But that’s what I’ve seen happen. So that makes a lot of sense.

Tiarnna: 100%. And it’s so great when our clients come together and share their knowledge, rather than, you know, keeping it all to themselves because we learn or the clients learn, and they get some really fantastic results out there using our technology. 

Trish Hammond : Yeah, that’s true. And you know what, like I say teaching is learning and learning is teaching.

Tiarnna: Oh, absolutely. That saying it’s so true. I learned so much from our clients as well.

Trish Hammond:  How long have you been the clinical Trainer with Alma? Because, as I mentioned before, like, I kind of had heard of Alma. But it’s only been really, really recently that they’ve actually started to kind of make a few waves in the industry. 

Tiarnna: Absolutely

Trish Hammond : Like Max, they’ve been around forever.

Tiarnna: They have. So Almas actually been in operation for 22 years. We have what’s the word we are spread across 90 different countries. And we’re actually one of the top five global industry leaders, are one of the top three leaders in the US and, we’re the number one in China in terms of revenue. So we are we’ve been around for a while very long time, but here in Australia, we’ve only come  to office in the last two years. So before that we were working on a distributor model. But now, we actually have a beautiful office in a showroom here in Sydney. And the reason we did that was to better serve our customers, you know, it makes a huge difference when you can put a face to Alma in Australia and get direct support when you need it.

Trish Hammond : I agree totally. And yet, it’s true, because it’s, um, it’s all about the connections that you make with the people. And sometimes it’s hard to do it when you’re not physically there.

Tiarnna: Exactly. I agree

Trish:  What I was going to ask is tell us a little bit about the different technologies I know, there’s quite a few devices, and there’s quite a few hero products in the range as well. So can you tell us a little bit about a few of the debarked like let’s just start with one say for example, what’s your favorite? 

Tiarnna: Oh, my favorite that 

Trish Hammond : Do you have a favorite?

Tiarnna: It’s really hard to have a favorite when there’s so many pieces of great technology. So we have a medical aesthetic, a beauty and a surgical range. So there really is a piece of technology for any indication under the sun that you could think of. One of my favorites, though, if I had to pick one would probably be the accent prime. There’s a fantastic microplasma radio frequency applicator on there. And I just think it is fantastic. It just does the accent prime is a face body contouring workstation, but it also has a skin resurfacing aspect to it. So you get a lot from the one device. And that’s what all of our devices are about. It’s being multi application platform.

Trish Hammond: Okay, so basically, you’ve got one device, and then there’s different modalities that you can do by different attachments or different different parts of it. Is that is that right?

Tiarnna:  Exactly. So we have one device body, and then there’s multiple hand pieces that you can attach. So it’s a bit like plug and play. And those different handpieces give you a range of options.

Trish Hammond  :  Okay, it was called the Alma Accent prime. Okay, cool. So tell us a little bit about what the accent prime does. Like what can a patient expect with that technology?

Tiarnna: Absolutely. So face and body contouring to start with so we do fat cavitation which is well known as in layman’s terms, fat melting, so circumferential reduction with that. So face body really common examples would be the sub mental or the double chin that’s a really common concern I get or chipmunk cheeks as well as abdominals so we can do circumferential fat melting there. And then we pair it with a radio frequency handpiece. Now, the purpose of the radio frequency handpiece is for skin tightening. So that helps your body to produce more collagen. And in turn gives us a nice lifted more youthful appearance. So the accent prime at the moment is being heralded I guess as a wonderful V shape which is very in at the moment. So a nice contoured slim jaw line. But it also, like I said, has a skin resurfacing aspects. So not only can you do face and body, I guess slimming and tightening, you can also do skin resurfacing with microplasma. So you can treat things like stretch marks, acne scars, surgical scars, and we get really fantastic results from that as well as our face and body contouring.

Trish Hammond: Right. So that one there you can actually do parts of the body as well like your, you know, let’s say your belly and yeah, you know, your thighs and your body…

Tiarnna: Absolutely, that’s good. Yeah, believe it or not, you can actually treat pretty much anywhere because it is radio frequency and ultrasound, and to be even add even more complexity to the situation. There’s also applicators to do non surgical blepharoplasty, which is a non surgical eyelid lift. So instead of going under a scalpel, let’s say for an eyelid lift, you can actually use the accent prime to do that.

Trish Hammond: Okay, and we’ll say for some reason was going to have that done that take Oh, it’s got the eyes on me very, very

Tiarnna: Quick. No more than 20 minutes.

Trish Hammond: Wow. Okay, and what about pain? I’m always about the pain. 

Tiarnna: Look, it’s not a tickle. I’ll be honest with you. But we do numb prior to the treatment, so it is tolerable.

Trish Hammond: Yeah, okay, okay. Well, that’s some, like if it’s just like numbing cream for the treatment. You’re probably waiting around for about half an hour for that to kick in. And then about 20 minutes of the procedure, so you can actually be done in an hour. And is that right? 

Tiarnna: Correct. Yep. And our procedure top to tail.

Trish Hammond : And with that, like, obviously, you’re not going to get results from that straightaway. Or,you know..

Tiarnna: You’re very right. So you see maximum results from the non surgical eyelid lift, 30 days post procedure. And most people need one treatment, maybe a second touch up, and those results will last them anywhere from 12 to 18 months.

Trish Hammond : Wow, that’s amazing. Especially good for people that didn’t, I was actually talking to some doctors last night. And some people are like a lot of people that they wanted for people to have their eyelids done, but a lot of people need it and a really frightened of it. So this is perfect for that person.

Tiarnna: And not only frightened, there’s a growing trend towards non surgical options at the moment. So people want less downtime, they want less pain, and they want something that isn’t as pricey. So these non surgical options, check all of those boxes.

Trish Hammond: That was a time paying money.

Tiarnna: Yeah. Exactly. Exactly. So tell me with them. Well, actually, let’s go on to another device. And that I know that, like I just mentioned at one of my favorites, is the Soprano. Only because I’ve seen some astounding results. And I know that. So can you tell us a little bit about the soprano that I can kind of extend on that one as well? 

Tiarnna: Yeah, absolutely. Have you ever had a soprano treatment, Trish? 

Trish: You know, you’re not you’re not going to believe it. I don’t have much hair on my body at all. But I did have a treatment about20 something years ago on the back of my neck and it never ever came back. And I’m talking about one treatment. 

Tiarnna: Wow, that’s amazing. 

Trish: I know. I know, because I was quite hairy around my sideburns being a teenager, I had blood here and my sideburns around the back of my neck. And so that I guess that’s why I’m a bit of a raving fan as well.

Tiarnna: I love it. I love that you love the soprano.

Trish Hammond : And it was so long ago,

Tiarnna: Yeah, that 20 years ago, it’s a very, very long time. So it, it really has been in the market for such a long time. But in saying that we continuously improve our products. So the same soprano that you would have had 20 years ago, it’s new and improved now. We go through many iterations to keep up with client demands.

Trish Hammond : So yeah, basically. So the dice that may have been out ages ago is just been, you know, it’s just been virtually not put on steroids, but just kind of you continuously improving what’s already there. 

Tiarnna: Absolutely. We take all of our customer feedback really seriously. So any customer feedback that I get goes straight to our r&d team in our head office, which is based in Israel, and then they take those into consideration to improve and release new iterations of the device so that it’s a better version of itself. Like it was a fantastic device 20 years ago, but, you know, we’re just doing minor tweaks and improvements to make it even better today.

Trish Hammond : Yeah, exactly. And, and one thing, like you mentioned before, we’ve got, you know, medical, your, your your beauty, and the one in between and what did you call that?

Tiarnna: Surgical. 

Trish Hammond : Okay, so surgical, medical and beauty. Yeah. So if we just start with the surgical, I just wanted to kind of run through what kind of treatments people can kind of get with the devices. So rather than talk about the devices, if we can talk about the treatments that can be done. So I know for a fact that we’ve got skin tightening. What about lady stuff?

 Tiarnna: Yeah, great question.

Trish Hammond : Yeah, you know for the ladies…

Tiarnna:  We absolutely do. So we do have products for feminine wellness. We have products for external feminine wellness — so tightening, bleaching, those kinds of treatments that are becoming more popular. But then we also have products for internal feminine wellness. So I’m talking about stress urinary incontinence, which is where maybe you cough or you sneeze, or you laugh, and there’s a little bit of leakage. And also a Volvo that has genital atrophy, which can look like a range of symptoms such as painful intercourse, itching, tingling, burning all of that. So we do have products that can help assist women in their quality of life. And we do see that our feminine wellness products really do improve quality of life. There’s a lot of women out there that live with these issues for longer than they need to. And there are treatments out there that can help. There are lasers out there that can help, which is pretty amazing.

Trish Hammond : Yeah, that’s so true. And because I’ve said it before in another podcast where I remember being in the supermarket one day and seeing this woman who is do way younger than me, and she had about four packets of those incontinence. And I just thought, like, running up to her say, you know, nowadays, you know, this, this can be helped, you know, like, but you can’t do that, obviously, for people to be aware that, you know, there is stuff out there that can help them you just need to seek. Seek and you shall find.

Tiarnna:  Absolutely, and the statistics are alarming. I believe, about 50% of women will experience STIs. So the leakage that we’re just speaking about, and nearly all women in their lifetime, as we go through menopause, they will be affected by some issues related to the Volvo genital atrophy. So there is a cure, you don’t have to stuck up on the urinary incontinence pads. It’s fantastic. It does improve quality of life. And we have seen that with all of the clinical trials that we’ve done. There’s so many clinical trials on this device. Trish. Yeah, it’s incredible how many papers there are. And we see it time and time again, that women are, you know, they walk into their doctor’s office with a pain score of eight or nine out of 10. And after their course of treatments. They rated as one or two. So it is life changing.

Trish Hammond : Yeah, totally. And you know what, just on this, I wouldn’t mind having a bit of a chat about it. Because you very rarely hear about this. It’s not very often spoken. But the postpartum stuff, because I know that Alma has, I don’t know which one it is, but can help with the postpartum issues. Can you tell us about the.. I actually know what. It’s the femilift? 

Tiarnna: Yeah, it is the femilift. 

Trish Hammond: Yeah. Can you tell us a little bit about that? Because people don’t generally look like someone who’s just had a baby. You know, this stuff happening down there, you know, and usually, if you don’t get it seen to fairly soon, and things happen later in life. And I say this, because I speak from personal experience myself, because that’s exactly what happened. To me, there was issues that, you know, that I didn’t realize, because I should have probably, Oh, actually, there was nothing around those days anyway, not that we knew about, but just the fact that you can kind of look after your, your feminine health after you’ve had a baby. So I just love that.Can you tell us a little bit about that? 

Tiarnna: Absolutely. So that product, like you said, is called the Femilift, which is the one that I have been talking about without saying the name. And it is a CO2 laser. But don’t be scared by the sound of that. It’s actually a pain free treatment. So it is, believe it or not, really a comfortable treatment. And it’s usually required between two to three sessions, and the treatments are over within five to 10 minutes. So it’s quick, and it’s effective. And it’s pain free.

Trish Hammond : Yep. And that helps with like, say, for patients, we’re done. experience with like, you know, we’re like you said, lucky to have them.

Tiarnna: Yep. Yeah, exactly. It helps with leakage, it helps to restore the natural pH balance in the vagina, which can if the pH balance is out of whack, that can lead to recurrent infections, discomfort, all of that. And it can also help, I guess, to maybe restore your your sex life if you’re experiencing into pain during intercourseb after postpartum.

Trish Hammond: Yeah, right. And you know what one thing I do love about what work is all the devices like this, but one thing I do love about this, this one is the fact that you can actually jump online. And you can like, as just a normal person like me, I mean, someone who’s not, you know, professional in the aesthetic space, except professional talker. But you can actually just jump online and actually read, like, if you’re into reading studies, and really want to, you know, find out the truth behind the technology, which sometimes, you know, we don’t actually get to see, or sometimes there’s some technology out there that hasn’t even had any research done on it. But when you can actually jump online and actually read case studies and papers, like I love that.

Tiarnna: You would love our website, then. You know, there’s so much information on there. And like he said, if you go into Google and you type in the Femilift, for example, so many clinical studies come up, which is just fantastic because you can actually say how it works, what it’s doing. And how it will affect you. I think it’s important to know what these devices and these treatments are doing. And there is a lot of research and knowledge to back up all of our technology. It’s amazing actually 25% of our workforce globally hold PhDs. So we’ve got some very, very smart people on our team doing some very intelligent things.

Trish Hammond : Yeah, amazing. Amazing. And because I could talk to you all day, we should do as we do in part two, but let’s quickly run through the aesthetic side of it. So I know you’ve got the devices for hair removal. What other treatments do you have devices for?

Tiarnna: Absolutely. So like you just said, we do have a hair removal device, which is called the soprano. If I may quickly just touch on the soprano quickly. It can cover black, brown, blonde, red hair, which is very unique. And it can also trade over artificially, and our you know, sun tanned skin. So that’s fantastic. Especially living in Australia, we’re always out in the sun, always at the beach. And it’s actually a pain free, very, very effective device. As part of our other medical aesthetic devices, we also have, we have a huge portfolio, we have the harmony, which is once again another multi application platform, it treats 72 FDA cleared indications. No other device on the market can treat that many indications. So it’s astounding. And it’s like the accent prime, it’s a bit plug and play, you know, you’ve got one device, and then you can put in multiple different hand pieces based on the issue that you’re trying to treat. And that treats everything from vascularity, pigment, skin resurfacing,  you can also do Hair Removal on it, as well as one of my personal favorites. It’s called the clear lift. And it’s kind of what’s the word it’s renowned as being a lunchtime facelift. So it works on a deeper dermal level within the skin to promote near collagenases, which is the formation of new collagen and the strengthening of existing collagen. And it literally is a lunchtime facial, there’s no downtime. It’s about 30 minutes, and then you can go straight back to work and no one knows you’ve had anything done.

Trish Hammond: Nice.  It’s clear and lived. Even the names I would love. Amazing. And with that one there is so just because like those really appealing to me. But with that only there’s no downtime, so you can actually seriously go back to work. No one would know that there’s anything done? 

Tiarnna: Absolutely. So you might get a little bit of erythema, which is redness, but that would subside in about 15 minutes. So you know, it just looks like you’ve been out in the sun or you’ve gone for a brisk walk on your lunch break.,

Trish Hammond :Nice, really nice. And I love that it’s the back of that term. I guess harmony has never been a device or don’t really, but you’ve got all those different solutions that you can treat absolutely things that people are looking for solutions for. So as a clinic owner, it gives you a whole gamut of procedures that you can offer. And as a patient, you know, when you’re hooked up with a clinic, they can do all of these things, because they’ve got, you know, not not 25 different, you know, machines sitting in the clinic. But you know, the one that you know that can fix your issue

Tiarnna: It is and I say it all the time, it’s a workhorse it does nearly everything that you could want it to do. And like he said, Trish, it’s one device, it’s space saving. And the benefit is though, what we see a lot is in clinics, it’s used to treat holistically. It’s used to you know, someone comes to you saying that they want their pigment treated, but you also notice that they have vascularity. And maybe they need some texture rotation done. So you have the one platform that can do all of that.

Trish Hammond : Yeah, that’s what I like, as well. And without taking up your whole day. Do you want to just cover a lot more? Because I reckon we should do a little bit more, as well.

Tiarnna: Please. Absolutely. I’m enjoying myself that say hey, I would I think what might be of interest is maybe another one in our surgical line. It’s called the beautifill, if you don’t mind. 

Trish Hammond: Oh, yes.I’m looking at it right now.

Tiarnna:Um, have you heard it? Oh, you are looking at it. 

Trish Hammond: So that’s why I was gonna ask you about that. But so there’s the laser light machine.

Tiarnna: Correct. Exactly. There’s a laser assisted liposuction machine. So it is an all in one for liposuction. So you’ve got your laser, your liposuction, as well as everything else that you need for that procedure. All in One device. Now the benefit of the beautifill is that it can do autologous fat transfer. So for example, you can take fat from your abdomen and grafted into your face instead of dermal fillers, and the benefit of grafting fat into the face. Unlike dermal fillers, it’s a known material to your body. So integrates and is much nicer and your body accepts it. And secondly, it’s long lasting  it’s basically there forever. So it’s not like you have to go and continuously get dermal fillers every six to 18 months.

Trish Hammond: That’s some Yeah, that sounds like that transfer is definitely, you know, it’s increasing. People are asking about it more.

Tiarnna: Absolutely. They really are. It’s such a fantastic treatment. And it’s like all of our devices have very minimal downtime. It’s done as a day procedure and from top to tail. It probably takes about an hour and a half to complete the procedure.

Trish Hammond: Oh, wow. 

Tiarnna:Yeah, it’s very, very quick.

 Trish Hammond : Makes it quick.

Tiarnna: Very quick. Yeah,it’s amazing.

Trish Hammond:  You know what one thing I regret is the fact that because I’ve actually had a friend who has just recently gone through the fall, you know, like she had all this fat removed from her back. She didn’t have it but she said that the bleeding and the swelling and the trauma is actually minimized as well. That’s what she was told that was minimized afterwards as well. So she had quite a good experience.

Tiarnna: Yeah, you’re right. So all the trauma that’s created from the actual liposuction is minimized by the addition of the laser. So the point of the laser in the device is firstly, skin tightening. So usually when you liposuction out fat, you’re left with loose skin in that area. So it helps with skin tightening, but it also does help with coagulation. Which means to stop the bleeding quicker.

Trish Hammond: Yeah. Okay, that sounds very helpful for patients as well. And also happy patient, happy practitioner.

Tiarnna: All the time. You know, once we did a case recently and the lady she just sat up off the bed and she looked in the mirror and wow, had the volume in her face had just been restored. She looked 5/6/7 years younger, it was incredible. And it was instant, you can see the results instantaneously, which everyone wants.

Trish Hammond: And with the weather, where it’s taken from like, like, because they’ve gotten their own skin tightening as well as it does certainly, say, tighten that loosey goosey skin as well.

Tiarnna: Exactly, yes, not just remove the fat, but tighten the skin as well, to give you a more toned appearance in the area, and testing. We’re doing some.. I can’t say too much at the moment. But we’re doing some really exciting things in the autologous fat transfer transfer space at the moment. So keep your eyes peeled because we have some really exciting things coming.

Trish Hammond : Yeah, fantastic. Let’s do one more. Absolutely.

Tiarnna:  What would you like to cover? 

Trish Hammond: What I really wanted to cover with the Alma hybrid? 

Tiarnna: Oh, the hybrid? 

Trish Hammond: Yes. Because I’m a little bit obsessed at the moment with them, the ablative and non ablative and being comfortable and all that sort of thing. So tell us about that.

Tiarnna: Okay, I’m so glad you asked about the hybrid. It’s so hard when we have such a wide range of fantastic devices because you pick your favorites and then all of these great devices get left out.

Trish Hammond : Today’s different to my favorites. This is my favorite now.

Tiarnna: I agree. It’s always changing, isn’t it. But the hybrid is our latest device that’s come out. So eat was released in October 2020. Now I was about to say 2019 but it was released in October 2020. And we had a fantastic launch event here in our Sydney office for it now what the hybrid is, it is a never seen before combination of a CO2 wavelength, which is very ablative. So you can do your skin resurfacing with that, combined with the 1570 nanometer wavelength. Now the benefit of both of those wavelengths combined is that the co2 does your resurfacing, and your 1570 duchy coagulation. So, let’s think about a face so you can do resurfacing on the face for skin rejuvenation and ablate with the co2 and then come in with the 1672 coagulates so there’s less downtime. The other benefit of that Alma hybrid is that it actually allows you to customize the ratio between the co2 and the 1570s. So if your client wants minimal downtime, I’m talking two or three days, a weekend worth of downtime, you can give that to them in a co2 laser, which is never before seen traditionally, downtime with the CO2 is about 10 to 14 days. So that’s really incredible.

Trish Hammond : Yeah, that is so true. So is that, like, do you have to have like, go over at once with one and then over with another? Or is it all in the one..

Tiarnna (30:29) :It is all in one hand piece. So it’s, again, it all comes out in the one smart handpiece, so a hybrid mode, and you just choose your grid and your ratio. And it all is the one hand piece, so there’s no swapping or changing. And that’s what’s so unique about it, 

Trish Hammond: Yeah, that kind of sounds a little bit… I guess. futuristic. It’s like really? I don’t 

Tiarnna: Can I really do this? Yes.

Trish Hammond:  And that one’s okay, for darker skin types. Isn’t that because that’s where sometimes I know, when I was asked about that, for the simple reason I’m a little bit darker than normal, what normal is, but I’m a bit darker than people may be in Australia. So that’s okay, for darker skin types. Isn’t that correct? 

Tiarnna: It is because it does have the combination wavelength, you can treat darker skin types quite safely. With traditional co2 lasers, there is a little bit, I guess, a feel of trading darker skin types due to adverse reactions occurring. But with CO2, it is very safe. There are other safety features included in the device that we can implement when trading you know, fitzpatrick’s fours, fives, sixes…

Trish Hammond: Yeah. Oh, fantastic. Well, look, that’s been a really great intro. I reckon we’ve still got way more that we can talk about. So I reckon we should actually make time to cover a few other ones that I absolutely have some gossip on next time. Not too. Yeah, exactly. That’s been really interesting. Really, really informative. I love the fact that I’ve opened an office in Sydney. I love the fact that they do their, you know, three monthly events where practices come in, learn off others have little events just have that like, you know, that powwow I guess, or one of a better word. And there’s some chocolates and cheese and Champagne…were there chocolates? because I love chocolates.

Tiarnna: There  is chocolate. Yes, that’s chocolate, champagne, cheese. We’ll have to, we’ll have to invite you because we do them. We do them across the country in most major states. So we’ll invite you to our next one. Trish, I know you’re just coming for the trees and wine, but that’s okay. Just coming for the fun part. 

Trish Hammond: This sounds great. And I also love the fact that you know, they’ve got someone there, who’s there to, you know, clinical application specialist specialists, etc. Put to be great, which is yourself, which is there to look after the client, which is great, because sometimes you do you know, I’ve seen practitioners send stuff to each other that it’s good to just be able to like, Oh my god, what would you do here? Or what’s that? You know, it’s good to just have that someone to bounce on just because someone’s got the machine, it doesn’t mean they’re necessarily know, you know, every single way how they use it. So it’s a great term. And I guess that’s how they learn as well. Oh, absolutely.

Tiarnna: It’s fantastic. We really do have a wonderful team here. It’s like a little Alma family, you know, we’ve got someone to support you in marketing, we have someone to support your service, and we have someone to support you with all of the other discretionary items. And you know, you’re never left, you’re left to feel like you’re on your own. And Alma, there is someone at every step in the stage, which we think is really, really important. Yeah,

Trish Hammond: Yeah. Amazing. I think that’s been so good. That’s been so interesting. I look forward to having MSG next year as well. And once I thank you so much for taking the time to talk this morning.

Tiarnna: Me as well. Trish, it’s been an absolute pleasure. Thank you so much for having me.

Trish Hammond: Thank you. And listen, look, if you want to find out more about our lasers, or if you want to, you know, get a demo of anything or get in touch with the company, you can just jump onto the website, which is And yeah, if you are into reading papers, and you need a spare afternoon that you want to read some papers, jump on in like there’s so much stuff on there. It’s crazy. And he’s busy for ages. So

Tiarnna: Yeah, absolutely. I always just say we are on all platforms. We’re on Instagram or on Facebook, we’re on wechat. And we’re on ittle read books. So there’s something for everyone.

Trish Hammond: Fantastic. Well, thank you so much for joining us today. Tiana. Thank you for having me. Trish. I’ll let you get back to your many clients’ points of view. Thank you. Yes, I’m sure you have a busy day ahead of yourself as well. Awesome. Thanks so much for joining us today. Thank you So much.

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