Dermal Regenerative Therapy using PRP With Jeannie Devereaux

When I hear the word regenerative – I’m all ears! On today’s podcast, we get to pick the brain of Jeannie Devereaux – who is I believe the best person to speak to about Dermal Regenerative Therapy. 🙌

So there’s PRP & there’s PRP – what’s it all about? We got to chat about therapeutic PRP, the different types of PRP, and how to navigate finding if you’re getting the treatment that you are thinking you are getting, some examples of what’s called “marketing puffery” (aka a whole lotta crap!) that everyone should be aware of.

Jeannie has a double degree – Bachelor of Health Science, Bachelor of Biomedical Science with honours, and she’s just around the corner from completing her PhD in Medical Biology and Physiology. An amazing lady in this industry, indeed! ❤️ Oh and she’s pretty darn ageless to boot! Everytime I see her she looks like she’s ageing backwards! Let’s find out her secrets and love for PRP in this episode.

Listen to the full episode. 🔗 IN BIO

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