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Jaclyn Isaacs On Art of Aesthetics- Venus Versa & Tribella


You will hear it loud and clear in this episode on Art of Aesthetics- Venus Versa & Tribella with Jaclyn Isaacs the Director of Art of Aesthetics as she discussed how she started the Aesthetics Industry and how Venus Concept Australia devices helped her business. 

She also talked about Venus Versa and Tribella as a game-changer device and the amazing customer service she experienced from Venus Concept Australia.

She is a registered Nurse with over 16 years experience in both surgical and 10 years experience in the cosmetic/plastic surgery industry. She has a passion for plastics and cosmetic nursing. 

Transcript- Jaclyn Isaacs On Art of Aesthetics- Venus Versa & Tribella

Trish: Hello listeners in a big, fresh happy welcome to you all again today and this isTrish Hammond, I’m coming to you from the Aesthetics Uncensored podcast. And I would normally be with Nicole, but she is picking up the kids from school time for her so she can’t make it. And today, we’re actually going to be talking to Jaclyn Isaacs, who’s an RN. And she’s just actually started her own clinic which is Art of Aesthetics, which is based in Parramatta and she’s going gangbusters and today we’re gonna have a chat with her about what she does, why should we’re going to find out why she’s so good at what she does. And we’re also going to find out about the Venus Versa, which is one of her devices that she uses on the treatments and we enjoyed it. So how do I mean to know what she’s talking about today? 

So welcome, Jackie.

Jaclyn: Hi, Trish, how are you going? 

Trish: I’m really good. How are you? 

Jaclyn: I’m really well, thank you.

Trish: Awesome. Look, I gotta say, I love your slogan, like excellence in the art of facial aesthetics. Because, you’ve got facial aesthetics when you’ve got facial aesthetics, like, you really need to have an eye for what you do when you’re doing what you do. 

Jaclyn: 100% Yeah, yeah. It really is an art. Yeah. So yeah, but I have that eye that can pick up what other people can’t.

Trish : And also everything even like, you can have as many qualifications if you got sorry, as medical qualifications as you want. But if you haven’t actually got that artistic kind of eye for aesthetics, you can know everything, but still not actually be as good as you could be at it, I guess.

Jaclyn: Yeah, yeah. 100% you? Yeah, there’s all different aspects to it, too. It’s not just having the eye for it. It’s being able to be personable and talk to patients and have that relationship with them as well. Yeah, multifaceted.

Trish: So tell us a personal tell us how you got started in the industry? Because you barely look like a nurse. But obviously, because you’ve got the genetics. You obviously know how to use your stuff on yourself or you know what to get done. You start with the passion that comes from?

Jaclyn: Well, I was a surgical nurse for the last 16 years. And basically, I had a real interest in my cosmetic and plastic patients. So I just got them and I was interested in them. Eventually, I think a few of the plastic surgeons on the ward noticed that I was interested in their patients. And yeah, I got asked about 2010 by one of Sydney’s leading plastic surgeons to come and be his practice nurse. So that’s where it all bossen from so I’ll be forever grateful for that opportunity. And I think that is where, you know, it ignited my passion for the plastics and cosmetics industry.

Trish: Amazing and how lucky you are for that opportunity as well. I mean, lucky as well to have had you, but women are amazing, like I’m sure people would kill for an opportunity like that. Really!

Jaclyn: Yeah. 100% It doesn’t happen often. I think it was just the right place and the right time. And yeah, I was very, very left wing but very happy that it happened. And yeah,

Trish: Yeah, fantastic. That’s awesome! And so tell me how long have you been in Parramatta? Like how old is the clinic?

Jaclyn: Literally, we opened our doors on the first of April. So it’s very new. You know, three-four months old, and yet, it’s been great. Before that was when I had a baby, she’s 14 months old. When I wanted to come back to injectables, after having some time off with her, I thought she was about four months old. I started just by renting a little clinic room in a salon in Greystanes while we fit it out in Parramatta and in that time, obviously, all my clients came flooding back and built it up enough to be able to fit out of that. And yeah, we’re six months after I started back, we were out, we opened our doors at Parramatta.

Trish: Amazing. That’s so like, that’s so inspiring as well. Because you’ve obviously planned it for a while, but just to think that you can actually and likely happen, especially when you just had a kid.

Jaclyn: Oh, well, yes. So she’s my faith, personally. So between me and my husband, we have seven. And it’s just, it comes natural to me, I have to work to provide for these kids. And I’ve got a great support network, I’ve got my parents that help with the pickups and drop offs and that type of thing. So I’ve been very blessed in that way. But yeah, this has always been a passion of mine back in the days of when I first started, I always thought to myself, you know, I, this is where I want to end points and just keep working towards that. And yeah, I’m very, very lucky that it’s been able to happen.

Trish: Yeah. And kudos to you. I had no idea that you had like a million children as well.

Jaclyn: No, got a tribe.

Trish: I had no idea. I’m still going well, like whoa. So in such a way to tell us. First of all, I do want to talk about the Venus Versa, or we talked about all the things that you want, because I know that you kind of offer a complete kind of holistic kind of service. Do you want to tell us a little bit about that?

Jaclyn: Yeah, yes. So basically, we offer a wide range of cosmetic injectables and skin health procedures, and treatments. And we also offer medical skincare products. So we look at every aspect of the skin, and aesthetics, and what makes a person feel better about themselves and how to facilitate that. So a patient will come in, and we just take them through from the start to work out the best treatment plan possible to get them to that endpoint of what, obviously, they’re after. And obviously, that’s a long journey. But it was important for me to have treatment offerings that would be able to tackle every aspect that I needed to treat.

Trish: Yeah, and what I like and  love it, I think about what happens as a patient because like, I’m a professional patient. I think it’s really important that your values are so good, because you say on your website that you do want to make sure that every patient that walks through the door actually feels like you care about them, and you nurture them through their whole aesthetic journey. Not just I’m not going to do this, you’re going to kind of nurture them through the whole journey. I’m guessing there was something that you couldn’t do like surgery, you would know where to send them on. And I said, they hook up with you and they can kind of like they know you’re going to look after, hopefully in 10 years time, they’re gonna look better than what they did when they stop if that’s what I’m finding, anyway.

Jaclyn: Yeah. Well, you know, I got a list of happy patients and that’s what it’s all about. It’s about helping people feel better about themselves. And if we can facilitate that, then that’s amazing.

Trish: Yeah, fantastic and tell me so you’ve had your Venus Versa, how long have you had it?

Jaclyn: Okay, so we got out of the said platform in April. And it has been, it’s my new best friend, to be honest. It’s amazing. So I, when I was looking at what device am I going to get to be able to treat skin? It was it was it just was a standout it could offer me the most whereas with a whole lot of other platforms I looked at I would be getting the base in one hand piece. And I just think it’s amazing that you can obviously have a multi-modality platform that can offer as many procedures as it does in one machine. It’s been great. So obviously it’s got the IPL Photofacial and the Diamond Polar Skin tightening.

Jaclyn: So the IPL I’ve got three different IPL handpieces so the IPL is Photofacial rejuvenation. So to the handpieces a different wavelengths port to treating pigmentation and vascular lesions so it targets the reds and the browns. The other hand piece is called the AC joule, which is an amazing joule wavelength for treating acne. So active acne which is a game changer for especially you know, you’ve got your you know, young 18 year olds and things like that with the acne flare ups they don’t want to be on Roaccutane and all that type of thing. The joule handpiece has the red light and the blue light to kill off the acne bacteria and facilitate feeling and reduce inflammation. It’s an amazing treatment. So yeah, on the acne one.

Trish: What happens a lot is people don’t actually realize that you can actually go and have a treatment for acne. It doesn’t always have to be medication, you can actually go and have a proven laser and that can actually help with the accuracy.

Jaclyn: and it gets under control and I mean a lot of people just go straight to the GP to get put on medication and I do have a lot of young teenage clients that have helped them dramatically and we’ve seen improvement so very quickly as well. At the time obviously I’ve only had it for four months so I’ve seen very very quick results which is very good. And Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the Viva RF Nana fractionated the resurfacing as well so it just ticked all the boxes for me to be honest.

Trish: Yeah awesome. So basically with one device you can treat many different treatments?

Jaclyn: The list that I said and it’s obviously it’s more I think it’s like a whole page worth of skin conditions that you can treat. So it is yes 50 something is off the top of my head it’s about 54 or 56 skin conditions that you can treat with this one platform. Yeah. And that’s off the top of my head don’t quote me.

Trish: And you also do the Tribella, don’t you? Is that right? 

Jaclyn: Yeah. So it’s a game changer. It sort of incorporates the three treatment modalities using the IPL Photofacial first, followed by the Diamond Polar Skin tightening and then the resurfacing on top of that. So you know yourself you’ve had the resurfacing on as a standalone treatment. So you incorporate the other two treatments before that. So it is a total facial rejuvenation treatment. So if the patient comes in, it does take 90 minutes so it is a longer treatment. But it does tackle every treatment, every concern that a patient would come in with their skin. So being pigmentation, the tone and texture of your skin and pores and  things like that. It targets every skin concern that you would have helped with that.

Trish: So say for example, someone was having a like thing, but I’m going to go down this Tribella treatment and I’m going to go and get my skin sorted because it’s looking crap, I feel really old or it’s got marks on it, and I just want to go and get it sorted. So what’s your protocol to treat people with a Tribella.

Jaclyn: Can be a one off. But generally speaking, it is something that you would do with anything, you have to have maintenance, I would get a patient to come in, we would, obviously I’d have to assess them in person first. And do the clinical photography and see whether they are a good candidate for that treatment. And then we would look at doing a test patch, first of both the IPL and the resurfacing. And generally speaking, we wait at least 48 to 72 hours for that test patch to come back with so we were erring on the side of caution. And because we don’t want any sort of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation happening or anything like that. So they would then come back, and we would read book them in, if that’s the suitable treatment for that patient, we would put them in for the schedule of the following week, then we’ll come in, we do the IPL and skin tightening first, then we numb the patient up and do the resurfacing. 

Trish: I love that you actually do that, like they can come and get done. But we’re going to try it out. First make sure you’re not gonna have a reaction to it. And, and then you come back a week later, because it’s kind of like the amount of people who are going to have this done and begin talking to something, they do it there. And then and then they’re sorry afterwards, because it’s all just happened too quickly. So I kind of like that way of thinking as well, the fact that you can’t do it straightaway as well.

Jaclyn: While also from a legal perspective, we’ve got to also give them informed consent, they’ve got to go through and make sure that’s the treatment that they want to go down the treatment path, they want to go down and go through, I walk them through that informed consent process as well. And each of those treatment modalities has a consent form for each part of that. So I think that’s a really important part of the whole consultation process as well. Obviously, an educated patient is a happy patient. So if they know that expectation of the downtime of this treatment, and the results that they’re going to get, then I think they’re going to be happier in general, afterwards. 

Trish: Yeah, I totally agree with you, 100%. And like, we all know that these devices cost a fortune, do you mean like when you buy a device, you’ve got to make sure one on one that you know that you’re going to get your money back on it. But also it’s going to provide the patients with what they promised that they do come back and actually pay for the device. And then good treatment that they want to come back for. So I was just going to ask you, so what parts of the body can you use it on and what the treatments are?

Jaclyn: Venus platform is quite versatile. Hence the name. I really don’t know, I just came to me. But yeah, it’s pretty good. So the first platform does have other hand pieces that can treat the body. And obviously Tribella is good for the lift, tone and tighten abdomens, the eyes, that type of thing as well. So it is definitely a platform that I think you get the most return on. When I was looking at the ROI of the machines and things like that, it was obviously a standout and that’s why I went with them. But also, I have to mention that the Venus Concepts’ Customer Service is absolutely amazing. I cannot fault them one bit from the start to even ongoing. They have been absolutely amazing.

Trish: That’s so good. Because I’ve heard people in clinics say that, they get some machine then you never see them again in the job. So you know, and I know that what you’re saying is true because I’ve spoken to many people that feel the same way as you.

Jaclyn: The customer service, the ongoing support, even from the maintenance team as well. Just checking in and seeing how everything’s going is hands down. Amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it in the 11 years I’ve been in the industry and work with other machines. It’s just, I take my hat off too.

Trish: How did you come up? How did you come across it? First off, like, what made you do it? Well, you kind of say, I need to get a device that’s going to do a whole bunch of stuff and  how did you even start or find out about it? Did you know some of that had one?

Jaclyn: Really, I was talking to some lovely reps that I know and they suggested that I get in contact with, because I had been sort of reaching out to the different device companies and asking for information and things like that, and looking at what devices that I would need to treat my patients with the main priority to treat those skin concerns that obviously, the main presenting ones, as well as what they like the most I could get for the money as well, being a business as well going to do things that are going to benefit the business. So a lovely rep that I know put me in contact with one of the sales reps with Venus Concept and the rest is history. 

Trish: So do you mind if we go through the three sections? I want to ask you about the IPL first? Because I’m a Fitzpatrick for skin. So I generally like to know I’m getting really scared to have an IPL. Is that something that you like if I came to, is that something that you would get to see? I’ve had the Tribella but I didn’t have the IPL because it just freaked me out. I think my skin’s the right one.

Jaclyn: A lot of people have that misconception. But being tight for skin quite well can be treated with IPL. Obviously, I would still do a test patch. But the treatment protocols and the parameters that are set out by obviously the manufacturer. And we would come in, we would obviously do Fitzpatrick and go through and work out the correct settings according to the treatment protocol. But yes, you can skin type fours, even fives can have IPL but it just the parameters obviously are different.

Trish: Okay, and with the light because you can do like I think they call it like a Photofacial or like a photo rejuvenation or something like that with our IPL. Can you tell us about that? So it’s basically the same machine, same device, just different settings for that there?

Jaclyn: Yes, so with the device, you can select which handpiece that you’ve got that you want to use, so that there’ll be a safe three on the machine at the one time that I can select. Okay, I’m going to use the 5 … handpiece, then I pop in your skin type. It’s all pre-set. So I would go skin tight for yourself. And then obviously I’ve got a protocol sheet as well which I work off. So with the treatment parameters. And obviously after doing a test patch, we know what we can do safely without inducing any hypo pigment, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and then we just proceed from there. I tend to err on the side of caution and start with lower settings and rather get you back like I rather get patients back and have to do I suppose less is more approach to get it right. As opposed to going in all guns blazing and having some, you know, adverse effects happen. But yeah, no IPL Photofacial rejuvenation, obviously targets pigment, even our skin tone texture is yet to great treatment.

Trish: And the other thing is I haven’t worked out the hair removal. So do you use the IPL for hair removal as well?

Jaclyn: I don’t. I can, but I don’t. It’s just in my clinic I just said you have stayed away from hair removal. And it’s not to say that I won’t do it down the track but it’s just not my thing. I’m focusing on facial rejuvenation at this point in time. 

Trish: Well on that one as well. So let’s talk about comfort, like does it hurt? And I just remember seeing someone had an IPL years ago. It’s always been something that’s sort of crazy. I have plastic surgery, but I get scared like in the IPL. It’s crazy. But tell us about that. What does it feel like?

Jaclyn: It has inbuilt cooling. So it’s actually the handpiece he is once machines were running in that it’s got you we set it as 100% cooling. When the handpiece touches your skin, it is cold. So the corners counteract the laser, the light. And most patients they’re there waiting for it to hurt, but it doesn’t. So, yeah, it’s quite comfortable. And no complaints in that department. I think they’ve got it right, with this, that cooling technology that they’ve got inbuilt in that.

Trish: Yeah. And when you’re doing the acne treatment, is this the component of that you’re talking about you’re saying that the blue light? And yes, the red light, so this is a component of the treatment. So it’s the IPL component that fixes the whole unit like that helps with the acne. So this one’s got a joule like acne treatment. Is that right?

Jaclyn: Yes, so basically the tube wavelength. It targets skin from two different layers. So the one light is killing the acne pea bacteria, the blue light, which is from the top of the screen coming down, whereas the red light, the different wavelength is like lower and it is helping with the inflammation and promotes healing from the bottom up. So the dual wave works at two different wavelengths at two different levels of the skin to treat it from top and bottom, if that makes sense.

Trish: Okay, that actually does make total sense. So that’s, that’s like the first component of the three Tribella and the next one is the RF the regular frequency. And that’s designed for skin resurfacing. 

Jaclyn: Okay, so with the Tribella, that’s the IPL. And then the second one is the Diamond Polar, which is the skin tightening, which is using a combination of multipolar RF with its pulsed electromagnetic fields, so the pimp is basically that second treatment in the Tribella with the skin tightening, it’s using thermal heat to stimulate the collagen and elastic in the tissues, which gives that sort of a lifting effect of the skin. So it’s a really great treatment especially for 50 to 60 year olds, even for anyone, but anything to stimulate collagen in the skin is a good treatment for facial rejuvenation. And then the third one is the Viva RF Nano fractionated laser sorry, can’t talk about skin resurfacing treatment. So the skin resurfacing is great for evening out that skin tone if you’ve got acne scars, uneven the skin, any scarring anything like that it is great for that but it just it also means minimising pores so if you’ve got you know anyone with a large sort of pores with that excess sort of see them and things like that it can help sort of to it takes that you know obviously the top layer of the skin off to help stimulate cellular turnover and then you get new healthy skin coming through.

Trish: And and that’s the three’

Jaclyn: That’s the three, yeah. 

Trish: Okay, so tell me with that, can you use it on other parts of the body? At all?

Jaclyn: The Tribella, um, I suppose individually you could use it for resurfacing the V back could be used on any type of surgical scars. Even a diamond holds up.

Trish: Sorry, I’m so sorry to go sided. Someone is really saying that they’d use it for some for getting rid of cellulite.

Jaclyn: Cellulite. I haven’t personally done that yet. I’m happy to look into it.

Trish: I don’t know which one that was but they said, “You know, cellulite and tighten skin.”

Jaclyn: Okay. That might be Diamond Polar and that’s really good for that. Size and things like that. Obviously polar is amazing in hip dips. Even though it’s just that little bit of the tummy, you know, after having a baby and having that little pouch cheeping it’s good to first skin like tightening the skin there. It’s really good for the body as well.

Trish: Amazing. And you know what, it’s really funny, because while I’ve been talking to you, of course I’ve been looking at before and after photos, which I’m usually totally addicted to. And I’m just looking at this, obviously, really young, surely unto me, this got really bad acne and but the scarring, like the acne, the red raw acne as well with the divots in the skin. And I’m just looking at this treatment here after two treatments. And it’s like apart. Number one, the redness is completely gone and the skin is smoothing out. But you’re probably actually going to the treatment, I would say on this one here. But looking after two, you can see a massive difference. And I think that some people don’t need to walk around with bad skin anymore.

Jaclyn: Yeah, there’s no need. And you know, it’s something that a lot of patients, I get a lot of people through the door saying, this has bothered me for years, what can I do about it? And yeah, once they know what treatment options are available, then they’re more willing to go ahead with the treatment. So even my family members, acne, scarring, things like that, it’s treatable, you don’t have to keep looking at it in the mirror, it can be treated.

Trish: Yeah, no, I totally get that. And I think, and I guess that’s what our job is, as consumers, educating consumers is to help people to realize that like, Hey, you know, there are solutions out there for these problems that might have been worrying for ages that you may not have mentioned to anyone or, or set one because you’re either too embarrassed, or you don’t even know that this is actually a relatively easy fix up, you just need to get going in the right direction. 

Jaclyn: That’s right. And I mean, if it doesn’t bother you, that’s great and more power to you. But if it does bother you, then there are treatment options out there. And it’s just a matter of finding or speaking to somebody that is in the industry that does know, and finding a treatment option that you’re happy with. And then going from there, it’s there. A lot of things are so easily treatable.

Trish: Yeah, yeah, totally. And before we wrap up, just give us some what’s been your favourite thing about dealing with Venus concept? Like, what is the standout for you, with them?

Jaclyn: I know I look, honestly can’t speak highly enough. My highlight was at the recent Roar Conference and I won the cover. That was just the highlight that was amazing. And if it wasn’t for these guys, that wouldn’t have even happened or be possible. So I’d just be forever grateful for going down this path with them. And for the support that they’ve given me and my clinic. They’ve been second to none. Seriously, they’ve just been wonderful.

Trish: I love it. Because of what I hear out there, because I’ve spoken to a lot of clients lately, is the fact that you do kind of become a member of this extended family. You’re not out there alone, just doing your own thing. You’re everything, it was just a phone call away. And their job is to make sure that your job is easier with what you do. And also the fact that you get return on investment and what you bought is of value.

Jaclyn: Yeah, that’s it. And that’s what it’s about getting value. And like everyone, that’s what every consumer out there wants his value for money. So whether you’re a patient or a clinic owner now they’ve been wonderful.

Trish: Yeah. And even if you’re patient, it’s what you want as well, you want something to work.

Jaclyn: Yeah, that’s right. And that care factor. 

Trish: Exactly. Say, I’m gonna say look, thanks so much. Before you go, just give us a rundown. What’s your clinic name again? How can people contact you?

Jaclyn: We’re locked down. It’s been terrible. We’ve been close for the last year. So we’ve been close for the last four weeks. It’s still not fun. My website is www.artofaesthetics.com.au 

I’m also on Instagram and Facebook. And obviously we’re a cosmetic clinic located in Parramatta, offering a wide variety of cosmetic injectables, skin health procedures. And, yeah, check us out. 

Trish: Thank you so much for that. It’s been really, really interesting talking to you that I wanted to speak to because I knew that you’d won the cover and I know how highly regarded you are as well by Venus, no idea of history as well. So that was really exciting to hear, as well. It’s very exciting when you interview someone, but you don’t really know much about them. You just kind of know what you’re saying, what people say, then when you talk to them, you can find out all this extra stuff on it. No idea.

Jaclyn: Thank you, too, for your time.

Trish: Thanks for joining us. I hope you really, you’re getting into your social media while you’re in lockdown, because at least you can or looking up those seven children actually, why not? Oh my gosh, can we even think what that must be like? Thanks so much for joining us today. Jaclyn. We really appreciate it.

Jaclyn: No worries at all. My pleasure. Lovely.

Trish: And this is a look, if you do want to get in touch with Jackie like she said you can check out the website. It’s artofaesthetics.com.au otherwise you’ll find it on Instagram and if you do have any problems, you can’t find it just email me it’s [email protected] and I will send you straight through. So thanks so much for joining us today, Jaclyn. 

Jaclyn: Thanks Trish. Bye. See ya. 

Trish: So we had a great day. Bye!

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