Karen Sher on DermaClear by Alma

Karen Sher on DermaClear by Alma
Have you heard about DermaClear by Alma? Listen to our episode on the Aesthetics Uncensored with Karen Sher, Owner of Beauty and Laser by Karen as she talks about DermaClear as a fantastic machine that promotes pain free treatments.
DermaClear is an incredibly powerful treatment that targets main skin concerns by infusing antioxidants, anti ageing serums, anti bacterial agents deep into the skin leaving you with instant glowing, clean, hydrated and nourished skin. DermaClear is the perfect facial treatment before any special occasion.
Karen Sher is an accomplished and highly experienced beauty professional with more than 14 years’ experience. She is meticulous in her attention to detail and passionate about giving her clients the best result.

Transcript- Karen Sher on DermaClear by Alma

Trish: Hello, listeners, it’s Trish Hammond here again, coming to you from Aesthetics Uncensored. And today, I’m actually flying solo again, because Nicole is on night shift. And honestly, I don’t know how you nurses do it, but you guys are rock stars like night shift hold. But today I’m going to be speaking with Karen. Now Karen is from Beauty and Laser by Karen, which is based in Rose Bay. And today we’re going to be particularly talking about the DermaClear, which is one of Alma’s devices. So welcome, Karen. 

Karen: Thanks for having me. 

Trish: Oh, lovely. Thank you so much for joining us today. So let’s start with a little bit about you like how long like when did you start in the esthetics industry? And how long have you been doing what you’ve been doing and what got you into it?

Karen: Well, I started in the beauty industry about 16 years ago, in Australia, I had trained and worked in many other countries, but in Australia was 16 years ago, I was in marketing for many years, but because when I had my first child, there was no such thing as part time work for women in those days. So I decided to go back to the thing that I absolutely loved, which was beauty. And that’s how I started my business. 

Trish: Yep. And how long? How long did you say? 

Karen: It’s been 16 years in Australia.

Trish: So you’ve got to love what you’re doing to be doing it for that long? Yeah, absolutely. I mean, 

I guess in a way, what could be better than what I love about the aesthetics industry, because I’m not a professional in this industry at all. I’m a professional patient in that, like me, treatments are done. But what I love is the fact that what you do makes us feel better about ourselves, you know?

Karen: Yeah. And I love to promote healthy skin. I’m all into doing healthy, organic, using healthy and organic products on the skin. And yeah, that’s where I like to focus my work.

Trish: Yep, that’s awesome. So tell us you’ve got the DermaClear. But what actually attracted you to getting your very first Alma device? Because I want to have a little bit of a chat about the company, like with our little chat that we had before, you mentioned that when you actually went overseas to learn how to use it. Like that’s a big commitment. 

Karen: Yeah, I always wanted to get into lasers, something that I’d researched quite a bit about. And it really attracted me. And so I started doing research and the machine that came up time and time again was the Alma Harmony machine. And so, when I did my training, I actually was very lucky enough to train on a few of the Alma devices. And, and that’s the decision I made was a no brainer after that I had to get the Alma machine.

Trish: Amazing. And, and so tell me, you’ve obviously had it for a few years, how long have you had the device for?

Karen: I’ve had the Alma Harmony for the last six years. And I actually trained in 2017. I went to Israel to do some advanced training. And I can’t sing their praises enough. It’s been a fantastic machine. And the best thing about this machine is that they promote pain free treatments. So a lot of the treatments that I do are either far less painful than other devices or in some cases completely pain free. So the laser skin tightening device which I had which is the ClearLift is normally in other clinics extremely painful treatment, where the Alma ClearLift is actually completely pain free. In fact, some of my clients fall asleep during this treatment. It is so relaxing.

Trish: What does that one do? I mean obviously.

Karen: Well, the clearleft it as I call it a mini facelift so it takes an hour and it’s puts tiny microscopic holes into your skin and it starts the collagen it regrows the collagen it starts the regrowth of collagen deep in your dermis, not your epidermis, so it causes your skin to tighten and look at least five years younger.

Trish: That sounds like my cup of tea.

Karen: It’s a lot of people’s cup of tea. Fantastic results from it and as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t actually advertise in my business. So my business is all word of mouth. And my clients are walking advertisers. And that’s how, you know, I get fantastic results. People talk about it and that’s how I get business.

Trish: Actually, we’re now in digital work, where now is definitely the best marketing tool, you know, because like, you can blow your whistle as much as you want. But if someone else does it for you, it has like 100 times more impact. There’s no doubt about it. 

Karen Absolutely. refer a friend. That’s in my opinion. 

Trish: Yeah. Fantastic. Yeah. And so tell me so with the DermaClear, what actually is it?

Karen: So the dermal clear is a type of hydrogen abrasion. So it’s not the typical microdermabrasion where microdermabrasion is very abrasive on the skin; hydrogen abrasion is using three different liquid formulas. So it’s basically a medical grade resurfacing technology, and it clears out your pores and hydrates your skin. It’s a non-invasive water and serum based resurfacing facial treatment. And it exfoliates the top layer of your skin, it removes the dead skin cells and impurities while it’s hydrating and provides instant route rejuvenation to your skin.

Trish: Okay, so this is done in a three step process.

Karen: Yes, yes. So, it is a three step process. The first process is obviously to exfoliate the skin. It’s a gentle exfoliate, it opens up the pores and removes dead skin cells. Then we use the cleanser where the debris is actually removed from the pores with a painless suction cup. It’s basically an extraction nozzle and the antioxidants and moisturisers are then put into your pores. And step three is a hydrator. So again, the little suction cup is used to remove any excess debris while we are shooting basically liquid antioxidants and anti aging serums into the skin to promote elasticity and hydration into your skin.

Trish: Okay, so basically every step includes a solution that’s going into your skin.

Karen: That’s right, that’s right. It’s a three step process and a very relaxing process.

Trish: And so to me, because of the way you’re doing it obviously it makes everything go into the skin deeper. Is that right? Because you kind of first of all, I mean this sounds really bad but you’re scraping with exfoliation is kind of like scraping off the dead skin cells and putting the first bit in and then removing that stuff with that little vacuum thing afterwards as well. Which is doing the cleansing as well, and then hydrating so with the hydrating portion what’s actually in that it’s really good for the skin because you mentioned that before.

Karen: Yes. So in the hydrator it’s got niacinamide which is a vitamin d3 and anti aging anti aging property. It’s got an anti wrinkle and anti septic or which is rose extract. It’s got lavender flower extract, which is an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, which is really important as you get older to have anti-inflammatories in in your daily routine also for people with acne problems and anti-inflammatory obviously is really important to calm down the you know if you’ve got a breakout anti-inflammatory is really important. 

Trish: Yep, that’s so true. And I know that for a fact that this has happened to me many many times. But tell me with this treatment, can you do it anywhere else on the body because, I’ll give you an example like my son, he doesn’t have acne but every now and then he’ll get a lump on his back, how can he get rid of that? So is that the kind of thing that is perfect for this? Because obviously that must be like a blocked pore or something like that? It just needs to be sucked out or whatever. They squeeze my back. I’m like, God, I want to give you scars.

Karen: That’s right. So this is a wonderful option for young men who don’t want their skin squeezed by a woman, by beauticians. It’s as I said it’s the machine that actually sucks out all the blackheads. It has a really strong but gentle vortex little cup, and it removes all the blackheads and the debris. So yes, you can use it on your back, it’s a fantastic option for young boys to use this on their back, their chest, their face for acne issues.

Trish: That sounds like a sort of thing that a lot of people need to know about them. And I think like myself, I didn’t even know that these treatments were out there until about 10 years ago now, like I didn’t realise that there was so many extra treatments out there that use laser style devices that can actually treat a whole plethora of things that people might have, wrongly that they know that can be treated.

Karen: It’s incredible what’s out there these days. But you really have to be careful and know who you’re going to make sure you’re going to someone who is qualified. And who has the right training. Because as you know, I’m sure you’ve heard of many different disasters out there.

Trish: all the time

Karen: Yeah, but there’s, the treatments these days are phenomenal. And every year there’s something wonderful coming out. And it’s really important to be on top of everything. With Alma, the company that I decided to go with, they have wonderful devices, and they’re definitely on top of anything new that’s coming on board.

Trish: And so what’s the client feedback been? Why do they love it so much?

Karen: So the DermaClear, is what I call a facial on steroids. And people love it because it offers more than just a basic facial, you really are getting rid of all the dead skin cells, and really hydrating the skin and people are seeing the difference. People are walking out of my salon looking and feeling amazing. The other thing about DermaClear is that I use it on the lips. So a lot of people when you have a facial you don’t actually get to you do exfoliate your lips or get hydration on your lips. So I’ve had wonderful before and afters of people not only on their face, but their lips looking beautiful and plump and full of color.

Trish: That’s a really good point. I’ve never had a lip treatment done. I don’t think so, but it sounds like something I’d be into. And so when someone does this is like a facial on steroids. And when, obviously, you know if it gets sucked away, and can you see it? 

Karen: Oh, yes. So at the end of the treatment, I always like to take out what’s the solution and also obviously what’s come out of your skin. So there’s a little container and you can see all the dead skin cells. You can see all the pores or the blackheads that have been removed. It’s rather revolting, but I absolutely get such a kick out of showing my clients what’s come out of their skin.

Trish:  Yeah, I reckon that’d be right up my alley. If it’s  like a detox, you’re going to have a detox down and it’s like a detox for your face, really?

Karen: That’s exactly right. It’s a detox for your skin.

Trish: I’m presuming this doesn’t hurt because it sounds like it definitely wouldn’t hurt.

Karen: It definitely does not hurt. It is the most relaxing treatment. As I said, it’s a you know, it is a facial type of treatment. But it is definitely the most relaxing treatment you can have.

Trish: And when the DermaClear comes as part of the very first device that you bought was the harmony.  And so can you tell us a little bit about the technology. So the harmony is kind of like the overriding of the machine itself. And then you have all these little hand pieces that come up in different treatments.

Karen: yes, so the harmony is what I call the machine, like computers that hold all the different devices. So I have a range, a range of treatments using the Alma from hair removal, tattoo removal, facial rejuvenation. I treat veins on the face like rosacea. I’ve also got the latest technology in pain removal, which is incredibly popular. And of course, the ClearLift, which is a pain free laser for skin tightening.

Trish: Nice, nice. And I guess that’s probably the benefit of the system is the fact that you can start with, is this how it worked for you, you started with one thing, and then you just added things as your business grew, because I know you, you started your business from home?

Karen: That’s correct. It’s a multifunctional device. And it has a whole lot of different platforms that you can add to. And yes, I started with hair removal, and added devices as I went along, and I was lucky enough to look at Alma’s a fantastic company, they are very well known overseas and in Australia. They have all the FDA approvals. And when I heard they were coming out with the latest technology, the DermaClear, I was the first person to put up my hand to get one of those. 

Trish: Awesome, I guess that’s a testament for being a company that you’ve been happy to deal with. And the fact that you’re obviously one of their valued clients as well.

Karen: Yes, I’m a very loyal client. Yes. They’re just machines that prove themselves, they are workhorses. And their results are the results you can see for yourself. They’re amazing.

Trish: Yeah. And you know what, I guess for me, it’s one of those things that I love, is the fact that I really like that combined therapy approach, where it’s not just one thing, one machine does one thing, I like the fact that you can get back to this, this or this. Because there’s a patient, it gives you a hotline, because you hook yourself up with the practitioner, and, or the client you hooked up with, with someone who you want to be your therapist. And then from there, you want them to be able to do all the things also, you want them to be able to achieve all the outcomes that you want with your skin.

Karen: That’s right. And that’s what I find really important. And then such a benefit for Alma, because I do have clients who present with many different skin conditions or issues around, what they want to achieve on their face or their legs. And so I can offer so many options. And all in one device, I can help them with anything, for example, they have a tattoo or they have a you know, they have some pigmentation that they would like to get rid of on their face or their legs. I’m able to help them.

Trish: Yeah, fantastic. And so with the DermaClear, that’s like  there’s no downtime, you could do this at lunchtime. I’m just gonna help or if you have a big event coming up, or getting married, or going through a really important party, is this something that you could do like the day before or the day?

Karen: It is something that you can do just before you get married, or if you’ve got a great function coming up, because the next day your skin looks so plump and hydrated. And the DermaClear also complements other treatments. So I like to prime the skin using the DermaClear before any IPL or laser treatments. So the essence gently dissolve the outermost layer of the skin, which I’ve spoken about, which allows better results from IPL and laser skin tightening treatments, even tattoo removal has better results if the DermaClear is used before because you’re getting rid of all that dead skin and allows the laser light to penetrate much better or be much more effective.

Trish: Yep. Yeah, that makes so much sense. And is it like because it’s obviously a facial on steroids, is this something that you could just like in the day? I like to go and book in for a facial once a month. So I’m guessing this is like the same thing, just don’t? Do results get better every time or is it just something that you just maintain a certain level of quality to your skin?

Karen: I always recommend between four to six weeks apart. However, some of my DermaClear clients you know, come every two weeks. It’s so gentle that you could actually come for a treatment every two weeks. You can even, you know, treat very mature skin. I’ve had fabulous results with mature skin. It uses enzymes as I spoke about, such as niacinamides or vitamin d3, which is a natural moisturizer and helps maintain high levels of collagen and lasts in the skin. It also reduces age spots and lightens the skin, which is really important as you age. But it is something that I would recommend doing, as I said, four to six weeks apart. And if you continue to use it, it does keep your skin hydrated, and maintain high levels of collagen. 

Trish: With all this talk makes me want to just be thinking with my water bottle, I just want to drink water. That hydration into my skin as well. Look, but before we close off because this has been so very interesting. I’ve really enjoyed talking with you. Tell us a little bit better about being able to help people get in touch with you and whereabouts you are. 

Karen: Okay, thank you. So I’m based in Brisbane, Sydney, very close to Bondi Beach. I am available on my website, www.beautyandlaser.com.au. Otherwise, I am also on Facebook, on Beauty and Laser by Karen. I’m also on Instagram @beautyandlaserbykaren. And otherwise you can call me.

Trish: Absolutely. And you know what if someone wants to get in touch with me in the middle that they can even send me an email to [email protected] and I’ll put them in touch with you.

Karen: Thank you. Thank you so much for having me. 

Trish: Thanks so much for joining us today. Karen. Lovely, thank you. And listen, look, if you do want to get in touch with Karen do look her up like it’s @beautyandlaserbykaren. I love the idea of that. It’s like the old fashioned facial but with you know, the new fashion slants I absolutely love it. So thank you so much for joining us, Karen. Thanks so much. Have a great day. 

Karen: You too. Bye bye.

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