Labial, Vaginal, and Sexual Function Surgery with Dr Oseka Onuma

Just recently two dear friends have daughters that have had elective surgery of the nether regions. It’s been a really interesting journey to share with each of them. They both wanted surgery for different reasons, and it has truly opened my eyes as to what people don’t like about themselves, what they consider abnormal, and how they have coped with these thoughts for many years before having surgery.

I recently caught up with Dr Oseka Onuma. Dr Onuma is a Cosmetic Gynaecologist. What does that mean? Well you’ll have to listen to this episode. It starts with Dr Onuma sharing his knowledge with us, followed by questions about all the labial, vaginal and sexual function surgery and medicine options!

Probably best known as one of the leading international pioneers of cosmetic gynaecology, Dr Onuma introduced laser vaginal rejuvenation surgery to Australia in 2005. Since then he has advanced the modern concept of female cosmetic gynaecology and sexual function surgery at both national and international levels. Dr Oseka Onuma and his team are passionate about keeping every patient at the centre of every decision made about their care.

He has 2 books published which are: The Ultimate V; and So, You Want A Labiaplasty. You can get these on his website

Listen to this informative and insightful podcast- 🔗 IN BIO for the full episode.


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