Renee from Bloom by the French

“Did you know that Graduates of The French Beauty Academy are starting on salaries upwards of $65,000 a year! And while that’s fantastic, it often isn’t what attracts them to your business.”

If you are a clinic owner, an aesthetics consumer, or an aspiring clinician, this podcast is just right for you! I was thrilled to finally get to catch up with Renee Smith, who is the Business Development Manager of Bloom by the French. Today’s podcast is an insightful look into the history and the commitment to continuous improvement of The French Beauty Academy which was founded in 1986.

“There’s been a huge shift in our industry with consumer demand for non-surgical treatments exploding and is expected to continue to rise in popularity. Industry today requires an enormous volume of qualified talent which in turn has created a war for talent. It’s a frenzy! The power truly lies in the employee’s hands whereas previously, this sat with the employer. We educate our partners on the “why” this has occurred, how they can pivot and then we collaborate with them to develop a robust development & retention strategy designed and aligned to the career aspirations of their unique team members” – Renee Smith

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