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Welcome back to the Transforming Bodies Podcast!


TRANSFORMING BODIES Podcast is where we peek behind the scenes for you – and give you the honest, low-down on what’s what in the Australian aesthetic industry.

It’s like your best friend giving you the unfiltered truth – about what works and what they recommend – and what they don’t!

TRANSFORMING BODIES is totally uncensored. It’s the space where we cover – and uncover – what interests you:

  • What procedures really work?
  • What real results look like – for real people like you?
  • What surgeons and practitioners are offering that is new and exciting?
  • What the latest technologies are – and what they can – and can’t do for you?

TRANSFORMING BODIES is exciting, and it’s the place for real-time, real world scoops on the Aesthetics Industry!

Trish Hammond    xoxo

Our Episodes

From dry vagina to frozen faces you will hear candid discussions about the latest aesthetic trends.

Skin Deep Insights Exploring Dermatology with Dr Vania Sinovich

Join me as I sit down with Dr. Vania, fresh from ASCD 2024, to explore the cutting-edge world of cosmetic dermatology. From her new clinic, The Skin Company, in Auckland, New Zealand, to the latest devices, treatments, and skincare innovations, this podcast is your...

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Dr Nina Wines, The Journey of A Laser Dermatologist

I have to say I’ve been looking forward to doing this podcast since the very first day I met Dr Nina Wines at a Rockstar Event. She’s a true rockstar of the Aesthetics industry, and seriously one of the most motivated and motivating women...

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Laser Elegance: Aesthetic Insights with Dr Antonio Campo

Welcome to the Transforming Bodies podcast series 3! I’m absolutely stoked to share with you ourt “Dermatology Series”. I recently attended the ASCD (Australasian Society of Cosmetic Dermatology) 2024, and feel that Dermatology and especially Cosmetic Dermatology is not as prominent as it should...

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“Aesthetic Medicine Today” with Dr Stephen Lowe

    I’m amazed at how cozy and warm the clinic is of Dr Lowe in Chatswood, Sydney. In this insightful podcast, we get to know the Medical Director of Muse Clinic, Dr Stephen Lowe.   Dr Lowe is passionate about radiant skin and...

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Dr Sean Paul – What’s an Oculoplastic Surgeon

“We value consistency, and I think it’s so, so, so important to understand that I’ve spent my life devoted to eyelids and not only my medical training, but the first ten years of my career, this is all I’ve been doing and so when...

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Jeannie Deveraux on PRP v PRP How to find the best option

When I hear the word regenerative – I’m all ears! On today’s podcast, we get to pick the brain of Jeannie Devereaux – who is I believe the best person to speak to about PRP 🙌 So there’s PRP & there’s PRF – what’s...

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