Dr Ginni on Menopausal Skin & The M Word

When I hear the word menopausal – I’m all ears! On today’s podcast, we get to pick the brain of Dr Ginni Mansberg – a great person to speak to about Menopausal Skin. 🙌

Dr Ginni is a Co-Founder and Presenter of Don’t Sweat It, author of The M Word – How to Thrive in Menopause. She is also the Co-Founder of ESK Evidence Skincare.

In this insightful podcast, we’ll learn what Menopausal Skin is all about. You will hear it straight from Dr Ginni that what you are feeling or experiencing are normal and valid. From symptoms down to age range and why you need to read her book The M Word.

Listen to the full episode. 🔗 IN BIO

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